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Monday, July 2, 2012

How to keep the Fireworks in your relationship while TTC

This week on 5WaitingWombs in honor of the American holiday Independence Day we are doing a series of videos on How to keep the fireworks in your relationship while TTC.

What's the quickest way to douse those flames of passion in the bedroom? - Have timed intercourse every month for 5,6,7 years to try to catch that eggie! To say its a buzz kill is an understatement.

While you'd like to create some sparks between the sheets, sometimes the monotony of having sex just at the "right" time to hopefully coincide with ovulation can leave you less then thrilled about it and it becomes a chore.

Not only can this be a damper on your sex life but also your relationship in general. Sometimes couples battling infertility will start to resent eachother and can start placing blame upon eachother. While you are both soldiers on the field for Operation Baby, sometimes you need to take a step back and put your relationship first.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!

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